How it works

AI-Powered Conference Services streamline the enhancement of conference experiences through a straightforward, user-friendly process. Here’s how you can integrate these advanced features into your event:

  1. Set Up & Capture
    • Begin by setting up our effortless audio capture system at your event. This straightforward process involves minimal equipment and can be easily managed by your team or through our on-site support.
  2. Upload & Process
    • Once the audio is captured, we upload it to our platform. Our advanced transcription service then converts your audio into highly accurate text. This process is fast, ensuring that transcriptions are available shortly after each session concludes.
  3. Summarization & Compilation
    • Our AI then goes to work, summarizing key points and insights from each talk. Simultaneously, it compiles all mentioned resources, such as research papers and presentation slides, into a comprehensive package.
  4. Enhancement & Access
    • Additionally, AI-enhanced background profiles for speakers and exhibitors are generated, offering attendees deeper insights. All these elements are made available through a user-friendly interface, allowing attendees to access summaries, transcriptions, and resources at their convenience.
  5. Engagement & Feedback
    • The platform also provides tools for attendee engagement and feedback, enabling a two-way conversation between attendees and organizers, which can be used to improve future events.

Integration with Your Systems

  • Our services can be seamlessly integrated with existing conference websites and mobile apps, ensuring a consistent experience for your attendees. Technical support and guidance are provided throughout the process to guarantee smooth integration.