An interactive online 2-hour course for educators and school leaders

Tuesday, May 16, 6.30 pm ET

(7.30pm ARG/URU, 6.30pm CHI, 5.30pm COL/PER, 4.30pm MEX)

Chat GPT and a related family of AI powered applications are promising to revolutionize education, and the possibilities are as endless as they are tantalizing. This course is for users who are famliar with Chat GPT and have a basic knowledge of its underlying principles.

Our 2-hour interactive course provides a hands-on exploration of AI tools for education, including Chat GPT, with an emphasis on strategies and specific application to teaching and learning at schools in a real life context. The course focuses on how to apply AI powered software in the real life context of schools.

Course contents include:

  • Applications of Chat GPT for various subject matters and grade levels.
  • AI powered apps for image creation, presentations, transcription and video summarization.
  • Strategies and ideas for use in differentiation and social emotional learning.
  • Examples of lesson plans to discuss ethical and social implications of foreseeable technology advances with students.
  • Professional use: a review of tools and applications for lesson plans, rubrics, assessment.
  • Projected impact, main tenets of a future vision for education and evolution of teaching and learning in schools.

The course will be delivered on Zoom and participants will have unlimited permanent access to the recording as well as all links, materials and resources presented.

Course fee: USD 45 – includes access to examples, links and resources, as well as the session recording.

 The Presenter

Gabriel Rshaid is cofounder and Director of The Learnerspace, author of five books on the future of learning, and has contributed to numerous articles and other books. He has delivered workshops and presentations on educational technologies worldwide and has led numerous professional development offerings both online and in person.

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