Closing Session

What do you value the most?

  1. Networking Opportunities: Participants found immense value in networking, repeatedly mentioning the importance of connecting with others, sharing experiences, and collaborating with professionals facing similar challenges.
  2. Variety of Exhibitors: Attendees appreciated the diverse range of exhibitors present at the event. This variety likely provided a comprehensive view of the field or industry.
  3. Talent Acquisition and Retention: There’s a clear indication that topics related to talent acquisition and retention were discussed or deemed important.
  4. Learning and Collaboration: Feedback showed that participants gained new insights, learned from keynote speakers, and took back ideas to their respective institutions or workplaces. The chance to share and receive expertise was highlighted.
  5. Session Content: Attendees appreciated the content delivered, including updates, relevant topics, and innovative ideas. However, there’s a hint that some desired even more relevant content.
  6. Interaction and Participation: The feedback suggested a desire for more active participation and interaction during the sessions.
  7. Room for Improvement: While a lot of the feedback was positive, there were suggestions for shorter sessions and possible areas of improvement for future iterations of the event.
  8. Shared Challenges: Attendees seemed to resonate with discussions about shared challenges, indicating that the event provided a platform for problem-solving and collective brainstorming.

In essence, participants found the event beneficial for networking, learning, and collaboration. They appreciated the diverse exhibitors and session content, though some sought further improvements. Issues like talent acquisition and retention were underscored as important