Leading with AI

Applications to various subjects

We will be analyzing, in this section, appplications to learning in general, regardless of grade level and subject matter. Some of them are:

Mathematics & Science

  • Problem solving and related tutoring.
  • Real life applications of topics.
  • Experiments – simulation.
  • Problems that connect with other topics and/or real life situations.
  • Simulated data, variations and errors.
  • Data analysis through Code Interpreter.
  • Forensics and other applications.
  • Health science applications.
  • Food & Nutrition – diets, nutritional info.
  • Lab reports, image creation.
  • Project feedback.

Social Sciences

  • Interactive reenactment of events.
  • Dialogue with historical figures.
  • Interactive tours.
  • Going back in time.
  • Debates and interviews.
  • Hypothetical situations.
  • Case studies and problems.
  • Simulated data for analysis.
  • Travel geographically and in time.

Foreign Languages

  • Personalized reading materials.
  • Dialogue and correction.
  • Translation.
  • Tour guides.
  • Near future – oral conversations.

Social Emotional Learning

  • Stories and fictional scenarios.
  • Dialogues.
  • Icebreakers and activities related to topics.
  • Themed meditations.
  • Simulated mediation and conflict resolution.


  • Code generation.
  • Webpage design.
  • Debugging and code checking.

Language Arts

  • Creating social media pieces.
  • Videos and animations.