Council+ Meeting

President’s Welcome

  • Peter Kent emphasized the collective nature of ICP, highlighting that it’s not just about individual leaders but the entire community working together.
  • He appreciated the feedback from a survey sent to members, which had a significant response rate from various associations.
  • The survey revealed challenges faced by school leaders, including inadequate funding, administrative burdens, tensions with government, stakeholder demands, staffing shortages, and issues like racism and workplace violence.
  • Despite these challenges, there are global strategies in place to support leaders, such as continuous learning opportunities, mentorship from retired principals, special leave arrangements, and well-being programs.
  • Comparing feedback from the previous year, nearly 75% of respondents felt that the pressures on school leaders had increased.
  • However, the strength of ICP lies in its global community, which not only identifies problems but also shares solutions across regions and continents.
  • Peter Kent recalled his time at the National College for School Leadership in England, where a study emphasized the power of leaders coming together to learn and share, leading to impactful solutions.
  • The address concluded with a hopeful note on the growing momentum to address the challenges of sustainable leadership, emphasizing collaboration and shared solutions.