Emerging Leaders Forum

ICP Presentation

  1. Introduction & Background: The presentation began with a reflection on ICP’s journey and the upcoming review of the new strategic plan.
  2. Membership Growth: ICP has seen an increase in membership, with new members from various regions including the Americas, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and Africa.
  3. Diverse Membership: The diversity of members allows for the sharing of different solutions to common challenges faced by schools globally, based on varying contexts.
  4. Relationships with Other Organizations: ICP has strong ties with organizations like OECD, ARC, the African Confederation of Principals, and ASIA (European School Heads Association). These relationships facilitate the exchange of research, data, and best practices.
  5. ICP’s Identity: ICP is a unique global professional network of school leadership associations, aiming to promote school leadership on a global scale.
  6. Key Themes: Discussions in recent years have revolved around well-being, sustainability of school leadership, and the importance of school leaders. The role of student voice has also been emphasized.
  7. Activities & Initiatives: ICP engages in various activities such as:
    • Sharing research and data through presentations and publications.
    • Collaborative and networking events, both online and face-to-face.
    • The Emerging Leaders Forum.
    • Annual Council meetings and biennial conventions.
    • Active presence on social media.
    • Publishing a magazine thrice a year.
    • Hosting regional meetings.
  8. Strategic Plan: The presentation concluded with a showcase of the new layout for ICP’s strategic plan, summarizing the organization’s goals and activities for the coming years.