ChatGPT & AI Applications for Education

High School Ideas and Suggestions

  1. Flipped Classroom with ChatGPT: The document suggests using ChatGPT to prepare a flipped classroom. In this approach, students can consolidate their learning through communication methods such as oral presentations, written responses to questions, Q&A sessions, and even teaching a lesson at the end of the process as a formative assessment. (Page 1)
  2. ChatGPT + Research:
  • Guiding students during the exploratory stages of their coursework across all subjects. The AI can help students narrow their focus, and the information they gather can later be checked for reliability. This promotes critical thinking and evaluation of sources.
  • Students can use the AI generator to enhance or reformulate their research plans. They can ask the AI for feedback on the effectiveness of their questions or areas of improvement.
  • Another application is understanding the perspectives of thinkers and researchers to apply these viewpoints in essays or assignments.
  1. Benefits for Students:
  • The AI generator can assist students in creating study/revision schedules and discovering alternative and more effective study strategies.
  • Such tools can help students become more independent, organized, and optimize their efficiency. They can also prevent procrastination and improve time management.
  1. AI for Critical Thinking:
  • The AI generator can help students develop critical thinking, especially towards research and open sources of information.
  • Another potential use is having the AI generate answers for exam questions. Students can then use the mark scheme to evaluate the AI-generated answers and provide feedback or suggest improvements. (Page 1)
  1. Assessment Integration:
  • These AI tools can be integrated into assessments, embedded in the steps to prepare for assignments. (Page 1)