ChatGPT & AI Applications for Education

Middle School Ideas and Suggestions


  1. Student Data Analysis: Monitoring student performance and progression in various subjects and assessments.
  2. Audio Journal Feedback: Converting student journals from audio to text for formative feedback on personal projects and peer assessments.
  3. Language Practice with ChatGPT 4: Students interact with a ChatGPT persona, like an 8th grader speaking Spanish at an A2 level, to practice language skills.
  4. AI-Assisted Lesson Planning: Brainstorming lesson and project ideas with the help of AI.
  5. Writing Support for Dyslexic Students: Using AI for instant feedback to improve the writing process of dyslexic students.
  6. Flashcard Generation: Uploading student notes to generate AI-powered review questions.
  7. Rubric-Based Grading: Using provided rubrics, the AI suggests improvements for student answers.
  8. Comparative Feedback: Students and AI both complete tasks, like writing, to compare feedback sources.
  9. Resource Adaptation: AI simplifies and adapts educational resources for specific student needs.
  10. Interdisciplinary Soccer Activity: Combining mathematics, science, and physical education with soccer as the theme, focusing on heartbeat rates.
  11. Data Analysis Task: Students collect and analyze data, discussing potential improvements and result validity.
  12. Celestial Conversations: Students craft and act out imaginary dialogues between celestial bodies on topics like formation or distance.

Skills Developed:

  • Data analysis
  • Language acquisition
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Writing and feedback interpretation
  • Resource adaptation
  • Interdisciplinary thinking
  • Scientific inquiry
  • Dramatic interpretation

Topics Covered:

  • Student performance metrics
  • Language practice
  • Lesson planning
  • Dyslexia support
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Resource simplification
  • Mathematics, science, and physical education integration
  • Celestial science