ChatGPT & AI Applications for Education

Applications to various subjects

We will be analyzing, in this section, appplications to learning in general, regardless of grade level and subject matter. Some of them are:

Mathematics & Science

  • Problem solving and related tutoring.
  • Real life applications of topics.
  • Experiments – simulation.
  • Problems that connect with other topics and/or real life situations.
  • Simulated data, variations and errors.
  • Data analysis through Code Interpreter.
  • Forensics and other applications.
  • Health science applications.
  • Food & Nutrition – diets, nutritional info.
  • Lab reports, image creation.
  • Project feedback.

Social Sciences

  • Interactive reenactment of events.
  • Dialogue with historical figures.
  • Interactive tours.
  • Going back in time.
  • Debates and interviews.
  • Hypothetical situations.
  • Case studies and problems.
  • Simulated data for analysis.
  • Travel geographically and in time.

Foreign Languages

  • Personalized reading materials.
  • Dialogue and correction.
  • Translation.
  • Tour guides.
  • Near future – oral conversations.

Social Emotional Learning

  • Stories and fictional scenarios.
  • Dialogues.
  • Icebreakers and activities related to topics.
  • Themed meditations.
  • Simulated mediation and conflict resolution.


  • Code generation.
  • Webpage design.
  • Debugging and code checking.

Language Arts

  • Creating social media pieces.
  • Videos and animations.

In groups, we will be analyzing possible concrete applications of some of these tools to learning, providing as much detail as possible as to implementation, outcomes and assessment so that they can be shared with other staff members.

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