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The Imagination Lab School is a diverse community of students and adult learners. They aim to help students develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. The school’s vision is centered around preparing students for an uncertain future while giving them the ability to shape it.

The school’s curriculum focuses on developing these qualities in students:

  • Knowing themselves: Helping students develop a positive sense of self, recognize their strengths and challenges, and acquire the skills, knowledge, and habits needed for continuous growth.
  • Finding and exercising their voice: Supporting each child in discovering their unique voice and developing strategies to advocate for themselves and others.
  • Seeking to understand multiple perspectives: Teaching students to think critically and consider different viewpoints when approaching various topics.
  • Taking meaningful action: Encouraging students to become engaged, empowered, and empathetic individuals capable of making a difference in the world.

The staff comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. They are professional learners who facilitate the development of responsibility and agency in students. The Board of Trustees governs the school and ensures policies align with the overall vision and goals.

Located in Palo Alto, the school offers numerous amenities, including gymnasiums, sports fields, tennis courts, and green spaces. A commitment to outdoor education and sustainability allows learning experiences to occur beyond the campus, exploring local farms, gardens, and natural environments.

The school values diversity and inclusion and cultivates empathy and equity in students. Students are encouraged to develop cultural and global competence by learning from and enriching themselves with various perspectives.

The school was founded in 2018 by Jingjing Xu, Yinuo Li, and Chris Bezsylko. These three individuals recognized the need for an innovative lab school in Silicon Valley. They had previously collaborated at AltSchool Palo Alto, where Chris was the founding head of school and Jingjing and Yinuo were parents. Later, Yinuo founded ETU School in Beijing.

Over the years, Imagination Lab School (ILS) and ETU School have collaborated on professional development in areas such as Project-Based Learning and Social & Emotional Learning. They have also created a Global Exchange Program for students and educators.

ILS is committed to building partnerships with other schools and organizations that share their dedication to empowering students to become their best selves. The curriculum spans from kindergarten to middle school, emphasizing child-centered instruction, social and emotional development, and hands-on learning experiences.

Kindergarten at ILS is focused on introducing children to core concepts in mathematics, literacy, and STEAM while exploring themes like community and culture. Social and emotional development is the foundation of the program.

In the elementary years, the curriculum expands to include more discrete skills and concepts, with a focus on community and collaboration. The United Nation’s Sustainability Goals are at the heart of the curriculum, reflecting ILS’s commitment to equity, social justice, and sustainability.

The middle years program, comprising grades 5 through 8, is designed to nurture and guide students as they transition from childhood to adolescence. The curriculum further extends the skills and concepts developed in earlier grades, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities in high school and beyond.

ILS’s graduates go on to attend various esteemed high schools, showcasing the effectiveness of the school’s approach to education and student development.

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