ChatGPT & AI Applications for Education

General Purpose Applications

We will be analyzing, in this section, appplications to learning in general, regardless of grade level and subject matter. Some of them are:

  • An All-Encompassing Expert in All Areas
  • A Personalized Tutor
  • Transcription
  • Summarization
  • Simplification
  • Special Needs and Learning Difficulties
  • Research
  • Coding
  • Images, Videos, and Presentations
  • Text to Speech
  • New Content Generation
  • Conversations
  • Impersonating Famous Characters

Junior Grade Level Activities:

  • Interactive Reading and Comprehension: Activities focusing on enhancing reading skills through interactive and engaging narratives, often combined with visual elements to aid understanding and retention.
  • Environmental Awareness: Projects designed to educate children about environmental issues, encouraging them to understand and articulate their thoughts on such topics.
  • Emotional and Social Learning: Engagements aimed at developing empathy and understanding through storytelling, exploring different reactions and emotions.
  • Personalized Learning: Tailoring educational content to individual learning styles and needs through the use of digital tools, aiming for a more personalized learning experience.
  • Creative Expression: Encouraging creativity and imagination through the creation of relatable books or animated stories, making learning enjoyable and engaging.

Senior Grade Level Activities:

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Utilizing digital tools to pose challenges and problems that develop students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Creative and Analytical Projects: Designing activities that require students to analyze complex topics, use transcription, summarization, and create content, thereby enhancing their analytical skills.
  • Interdisciplinary Learning: Activities that cross traditional subject boundaries, such as integrating humanities with technology, to provide a more holistic understanding of topics.
  • Scientific Method and Experimentation: Incorporating digital tools into the scientific method to facilitate laboratory experiments and data analysis, enhancing understanding of scientific principles.
  • Visual Learning and Instructions: Using visual aids and digital platforms to provide clear, visually supported instructions for complex tasks, aiming to improve comprehension and execution of educational activities.
#GroupGrade LevelTool to be usedDetailed Description of the Activity/ApplicationExpected Outcomes
1Maths departmentSeniorchatGPT, vislaThe activity involves leveraging chatGPT and visla for posing critical thinking challenges. Teachers will use these tools to present structured problems, aiming to enhance students’ analytical skills through interactive and innovative problem-solving tasks.Development of critical thinking skills in Spanish
2HumanitiesSeniorChat GPT / VislaThis project simulates a conversation between Keynes and Elon Musk discussing wealth, utilizing Chat GPT for dialogue creation and Visla for animation. It aims to compare and contrast their views on wealth, providing a creative exploration of economic theories and innovation.Animation comparing the perspectives of Keynes and Musk
3IT DeptSeniorChat gpt, Transcription, Summarization, Images, VislaThe objective is to design an activity that incorporates transcription, summarization, image generation, and Visla to enhance students’ comprehension of complex topics. This approach uses technology to facilitate learning and develop analytical skills.Students develop analytical skills
4Year 3 + LibraryJuniorchat gptA reading comprehension activity that integrates a narrative with visual elements, focusing on the Vikings lifestyle. This interactive session aims to engage junior students in historical exploration through reading and imagery.Tuning in for unit 4: Vikings lifestyle
5Year 4JuniorChat gptThis activity involves creating a reading comprehension exercise about the environment, designed to help children understand the text and articulate their understanding through full sentences, fostering environmental awareness and literacy skills.Children understand the text and answer questions
6Year 1Juniorchat gptChildren will engage with a story that prompts them to explore different reactions and emotions, facilitated through chat gpt. This exercise aims to develop empathy and understanding through narrative engagement.Children explore different reactions to the story
7PrepJuniorChat GPTThe task focuses on providing each student with a unique input through Chat GPT, tailoring the educational content to individual learning styles and needs, thereby enhancing personalized learning experiences.Different input for each student
8ScienceSeniorChat GPTA laboratory activity evaluated through Chat GPT, focusing on scientific experimentation and analysis. This method aims to incorporate digital tools into the scientific method, enhancing students’ understanding of laboratory procedures and results interpretation.Evaluation of laboratory activity in Spanish
9Y6JuniorChatgptThe activity is designed to foster integration, motivation, and guidance among Year 6 students through the use of Chatgpt. It aims to create a supportive learning environment that encourages student participation and engagement.Integration, motivation, guidance
10PreKinderJuniorChat GPTA project to create an entertaining and relatable book for PreKinder students, utilizing Chat GPT. This book aims to capture the imagination of young learners, making the learning process enjoyable and engaging.Entertaining and relatable book for the audience
11kinderJuniorgpt/vislaAn animated story created with gpt/visla, focusing on key aspects to captivate kinder students. This activity aims to deliver educational content in an engaging format, emphasizing storytelling and visual learning.Animated story emphasizing key aspects
12novenoSeniorVislaThis activity involves providing instructions with corresponding visual support through Visla, aimed at noveno grade students. It seeks to enhance learning by integrating clear, visually supported instructions to facilitate comprehension and task execution.Instructions provided with corresponding visual support in Spanish
13Y8SeniorChat GPTA comprehensive exercise that includes a multiple choice quiz and a text completion task, designed to test and reinforce learning in a specific subject area. Chat GPT is used to generate engaging and relevant content for the students.Multiple choice quiz with answers and a text to fill in