An interactive online 2-hour course for educators

Tuesday, February 20, 5.30 pm ET

(7.30pm ARG/URU/CHI, 5.30pm COL/PER, 4.30pm MEX)

ChatGPT and a family of generative AI applications are decisively impacting education. In a fast changing landscape, with new applications being developed constantly, it is essential to discern concrete applications to teaching and learning that come be implemented to enhance classroom practice.

Our 2-hour interactive course provides a comprehensive review of applications for teaching, including those that can be used immediately in the classroom as well as for professional learning, via case studies and hands-on examples.

Course contents include:

  • An overview of ChatGPT and generative AI applications with a focus on how they can be used in teaching and learning.
  • Review of examples and applications for various subject matters and grade levels.
  • Applications to reading and writing.
  • General-purpose applications.
  • Learning foreign languages, applications for math and science.
  • Social emotional learning.
  • Professional applications: planning, rubrics, document analysis.
  • Creative uses in the classroom.
  • Themes for students to analyze ethical and social implications of AI developments.

The course will be delivered on Zoom and participants will have unlimited permanent access to the recording as well as all links, materials and resources presented.

Course fee: USD 45 – includes access to examples, links and resources, as well as the session recording.

 The Presenter

Gabriel Rshaid is cofounder and Director of The Learnerspace, author of six books on the future of learning, and has contributed to numerous articles and other books. He has delivered workshops and presentations on educational technologies worldwide and has led numerous professional development offerings both online and in person.

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ChatGPT and Generative Artificial Intelligence applications have taken the world by storm and will inexorably revolutionize the way we learn. The AI-Powered School provides a comprehensive guide to applying AI in the classroom, including detailed examples and prompts to make the most of this disruptive but potentially very positive innovation.
Sections include:

  • Chat GPT, AI in Education, origins, inner workings, limitations and possibilities.
  • Applications for core subjects, reading and writing.
  • General-purpose applications.
  • Multimedia expression.
  • Ethical and social implications.
  • Redefining the future of schools.
  • AI to the test: a case study.

Each chapter includes a detailed summary and an extensive set of prompts for specific applications for every one of the themes and subjects.