Emerging Leaders Forum and ICP Council


A playful, but interesting exploration: we ran ICP documents, the website and past magazine issues through ChatGPT to analyze key themes and strategies.

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We used generative AI applications to produce a comprehensive summary of each member organization, as well as exploring their common principles and values.

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Those we most admire and what it says about us.

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Our favourite quotes.

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And some humour…

In Finland’s land of lakes and trees,
Where education’s quite a breeze,
A group arrived from lands afar,
Each one an educational czar.

From Canada, Spain, Argentina too,
The Netherlands and Ireland flew
To see how Finns make schools so grand,
Where student smiles are always planned.

But lo and behold, what’s this we see?
Their bags are lost, oh dearie me!
A strike at the airport, can it be?
In Finland? Land of efficiency?

The Spaniard sighed, “En España, esto sería una fiesta!”
The Canadian said, “Eh, that’s not great,
Back home, we’d just apologize and wait.”

The Argentine shrugged, “Qué será, será,
We dance the tango, near and far.”
The Dutchman grinned, “We’ll ride a bike,
Who needs luggage? Take a hike!”

The Irish laughed, “Ah, sure it’s fine,
We’ll make it better with some wine.”
But Finns around were quite aghast,
“This never happened in the past!

Our systems work like clockwork here,
This is our biggest, darkest fear!”
The irony was rich and thick,
Like Finnish coffee, strong and quick.

In Finland, where they teach so well,
The luggage system somehow fell.
So there they stood, each teacher bold,
In socks and sandals, braving cold.

They learned a lesson, clear and grand:
Life’s best-laid plans are like quicksand.
And so they laughed and then decreed,
“It’s not the bags but minds we need.”

In Finland’s land of lakes and trees,
The greatest lesson came with ease.